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In Ireland, Thunderbolt's home country
61 ponies are registered in the Connemara Pony Stud Book:
8 in the Stallion, 50 in the Mare and 3 in the Gelding Section.
The following list includes Thunderbolt's progeny,
according to the Connemara Pony Stud Book of Ireland Vol. 1 - 20.
Other stud books are not considered.
Stallions by Thunderbolt
foaled name out of
1970 Thunder Cloud (S459) Claddagh Queen (M3681)
1971 Inis O'Hara (S519) Forest Flower (M2692)
1972 Alnabrone Andy (S555) Alnabrone Rebel (M2691)
1982 Thunder Storm (S796) Dooneen Grey (M3671)
1984 Callowfeenish Thunder (S826) Callowfeenish Colleen (M5133)
1984 Thunder Bay (S985) Inverin Rosebud (M5981)
1985 Canal Cormac (S848) Rambling Home (M3383)
1986 Spinway Comet (S935) Spinway Cailin (M6311)
Mares by Thunderbolt
foaled name out of
1967 Moy Little Judy (M3751) Guaire (M3181)
1969 Flagmount Bee (M5369) Inishbee (M3409)
1970 Cautious Nell (M4915) Cautious Eileen (M3673)
1970 Ceres (M4775) Starlight Venture (M3149)
1970 Dooras Lady (M5333) Doon Molly (M2299)
1970 Gay Miss (M4655) Inishoo (M3478)
1970 Hillside Star (M4774) Muffy (M2157)
1970 Loobeen Meg (M4809) Loobeen Lily (M2919)
1970 Oakdown Cloud (M5343) Ardilaun (M3189)
1970 Renvyle Kitty (M4810) Renvyle Star (M3379)
1970 Rusheen Rosebud (M4808) Della (M3380)
1970 Silver Branch (M4782) Sandy Jane (M2360)
1970 Silver Pearl Diver (M4807) Derrada Dun (M1917)
1970 Sink or Swim (M4780) Leam Grey (M1573)
1970 Travelling Dandy (M4781) Janie (M2359)
1971 Alnabrone Wayfarer (M5660) Alnabrone Rebel (M2691)
1971 Ashfield Rolling Rock (M5291) Jump the Wall (M1552)
1971 Derryrush Heather (M5282) Gaelic Heather (M4335)
1971 Emer's Pet (M5134) Emer (M3114)
1971 Miss May Marigold (M5175) Crumpaun Path (M3355)
1971 Moyrus Goldie (M5856) Gold Chain (M3127)
1971 Rossinver Dolly (M5225) Orphan Dolly (M1747)
1971 Sive (M5197) Our Pam (M3680)
1972 Ardmore Small Pearl (M5670) Ardmore Beauty (M2693)
1972 Ashfield Gipsy (M5504) Orphan Dolly (M1747)
1972 Fairy Fanfare (M5458) Rusheen Fairy (M3112)
1972 Fancy Free (M6136) Woodbine (M2885)
1972 Jolly Lolly (M5669) Chrumpaun Star (M2262)
1972 Kilkerrin Pink Rose (M5672) Kilkerrin Bay (M2327)
1972 Little Novice (M5655) Maire of Glanmore (M3966)
1972 Little Sport (M6220) Gold Chain (M3127)
1972 Martin's Pride (M6013) Callowfeenish Pride (M1912)
1972 Winter Fireside Fable (M5803) Winter Heather (M1320)
1981 Beauty (M7879) Freedom Lover (M6432)
1981 Dooneen Star (M7871) Dooneen Grey (M3671)
1981 Fahy Rose (M7872) Fountain Rose (M6659)
1981 Hazel Lady (M7796) Camas Ladybird (M7504)
1981 Sallerna Sunrise (M7874) Cleggan Wave (M7109)
1981 Shady (M7870) Willow Blossom (M5201)
1982 Silver Lady (M8091) Changing Breeze (M6959)
1982 Village Laura (M8097) Village Star (M5146)
1983 Castle Ivy (M9274) Castle Lady (M7605)
1983 Fairy Lady (M8341) Brown Lass (M6435)
1983 Pooreen Lass (M8256) Ardmore Bay Beauty (M7371)
1984 Callowfeenish Wave (M8329) Wireless Wave (M3641)
1984 Hazel Dun (M8289) Mary Anne (M6934)
1984 Homeward Bound 2nd (M8279) Home Lover (M4735)
1984 Kilkerrin Surf (M8330) Ashfield Surf (M4345)
1984 Shee Gaoth (M8499) April Shower (M6929)
1985 Kingstown Rosie (M8522) Canal Rosie (M7374)
  Geldings by Thunderbolt  
foaled name out of
1970 Jazz Band Boy (G449) Skylark Melody (M2133)
1984 Cracker Jack (G1238) Woodlands Rover (M2430)
1984 Diarmuid (G1186) Bay Lady (M3971)


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