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In Ireland, Clonkeehan Auratum's home country, the outstanding number of
203 ponies are registered in the Connemara Pony Stud Book:
19 in the Stallion, 152 in the Mare and 32 in the Gelding Section.
The following list includes Clonkeehan Auratum's stallion progeny,
according to the Connemara Pony Stud Book of Ireland.
Other stud books are not considered.
foaled by Clonkeehan Auratum out of
1957 Ceileog (S109) Pollnaclough Grey (M1518)
1957 Minstrel Boy (S108) Silva (M1102)
1958 Camlin Cingo (S112) Ciro (M551)
1958 Clonjoy (S117) Joyce Grey (M933)
1958 Gleann Aoibhinn (S116) May Bloom (M1221)
1959 Aura Dun (S123) Early Grey (M925)
1961 Carna Surprise (S181) Rockfield Girl (M1097)
1961 Island Prince (S136) Senior Star (M842)
1961 Knockranny Ruby (S134) Star of Fahy (M1453)
1961 Royal Chieftain (S143) Village Belle (M1855)
1962 Ballydonagh Overdraft (S145) Cashel Kate (M2030)
1962 Ballydoogan Clondagoff (S157) Flash Girl (M1771)
1962 Trigger Hill (S269) Winter Roche (M1495)
1963 Cashel Con (S255) Glen Belle (M1342)
1963 Flashy Lad (S196) Flash Girl (M1771)
1964 Tulira Paddy (S188) Glen Nelly (M1344)
1965 Athenry Duke (S224) Queen of Thull (M1577)
1977 Ashfield Alex (S711) Lambay Starry Eyes (M3248)
1977 Atlantic Rocket (S733) Silver Lace (M2723)


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