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In Ireland, Rebel Wind's home country, the outstanding number of
335 ponies are registered in the Connemara Pony Stud Book:
32 in the Stallion, 272 in the Mare and 31 in the Gelding Section.
The following list includes Rebel Wind's stallion progeny,
according to the Connemara Pony Stud Book of Ireland.
Other stud books are not considered.
foaled by Rebel Wind out of
1965 Errislannon Sparkler (S210) Orphan Dolly (M1747)
1965 Island Count (S248) Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd (M1913)
1965 Little Billy (S207) Jennifer (M2120)
1966 Marble (S254) Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd (M1913)
1967 Abbey Rebel (S325) Roselee (M2527)
1967 Atlantic Rebel (S295) Quiet Colleen (M2123)
1967 Curragh Colm (S286) Moonlight Rambler (M1775)
1967 Doolough Rebel (S305) Brown Alice (M1419)
1967 Island Baron (S327) Kingstown (M2532)
1967 Ocean Wind (S323) Ocean Melody (M2134)
1967 Owenglin (S307) Wise Cuckoo (M2714)
1967 Rough Diamond (S292) Morning Pearl (M1753)
1968 Glean Rebel (S361) Slackport Lady (M2911)
1968 Rebel Rambler (S392) Evening Rambler (M1995)
1968 Rockmount Rebel (S364) Frosty Winter (M2346)
1968 Roundstone Oscar (S337) Dancing Spanner (M1750)
1968 Woodville Watchman (S412) Lor Sparrow (M1264)
1969 Dangan Dun (S415) Breath of Spring (M3137)
1969 Maam Rebel (S432) Lor Ruadh (M1715)
1969 Ocean Minstrel (S420) Ocean Melody (M2134)
1969 Rockland Rebel (S490) Pretty Molly (M2345)
1970 Ballinvoher Whirlwind (S464) Lehid Love (M2912)
1970 Black Billy (S461) Dooneen Grey (M3671)
1970 Moon Round Rock (S458) Best Seller (M3139)
1971 Balladeer (S565) Ballad Session (M3999)
1972 Cannon (S553) Breath of Spring (M3137)
1973 Captain Lightfoot (S644) Wireless Wave (M3641)
1973 Crasher's Rebel (S594) Gate Crasher (M3347)
1973 Mick the Rebel (S593) Leam Valley (M3686)
1975 Dunlewey Sonny Jim (S690) Corn Flake (M4028)
1976 Murphy Rebel (S696) Muffy (M2157)
1977 Boden Park King Rebel (S723) Kingstown (M2532)


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