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In Ireland, Carna Dun's home country, the outstanding number of
287 ponies are registered in the Connemara Pony Stud Book:
34 in the Stallion, 216 in the Mare and 37 in the Gelding Section.
The following list includes Carna Dun's stallion progeny,
according to the Connemara Pony Stud Book of Ireland.
Other stud books are not considered.
foaled by Carna Dun out of
1953 Doon Paddy (S95) Doon Lily (M1259)
1953 Sean of Leam (S96) Gurteen Beach (M1492)
1958 Lord Dun Carna (S141) Snowdrift (M1212)
1959 Camlin Cicada (S119) Camlin Cilla (M1447)
1961 Roundstone Chief (S151) Unknown Colleen (M1807)
1962 Harvest Moon (S152) Slieve Dolly (M1579)
1963 Amber of the Lough (S173) Corrib Bay (M1657)
1963 Island Earl (S177) Helpmate (M2077)
1963 Little Joe (S165) Cregg Lassie (M1737)
1964 Ballintemple Dun Rambler (S192) Moonlight Rambler (M1775)
1964 Camlin Carmara (S187) Camlin Cilla (M1447)
1964 Castle Boy (S199) Zet Rebel (M1864)
1964 Toombeola (S211) Silver Belle (M1369)
1964 Young Napper (S198) Village Belle (M1855)
1965 Erris Rebel (S231) Courhounagh Lily (M1702)
1965 Glencastle Romulus (S222) Village Belle (M1855)
1965 Kilgreaney Lad (S216) Lissoughter Dolly (M1626)
1965 Prospector (S230) Bright Prospect (M2531)
1966 Finney Master (S306) Winter Roche (M1495)
1966 Hillside Hero (S274) Doonreaghaun Star (M1994)
1966 Kinturk Boy (S246) Pretty Molly (M2345)
1966 Rathcline Bay (S275) Frosty Winter (M2346)
1966 Roundstone Bill (S256) Free Trade (M2534)
1968 Kilmannin Boy (S360) Cora Dun (M2758)
1968 Lemonfield Reed (S344) Golden Reed (M2229)
1969 Blue Stack Ranger (S438) Lisdonagh Princess (M2986)
1969 Lisdun Larry (S434) Lisdonagh (M2571)
1969 Mosstown Master (S426) Golden Ivy (M3293)
1969 Oscar (S430) Lus na Bpog (M2103)
1969 Sandbrook Enda (S492) Eithne (M2267)
1970 Connaught of Millfields (S471) Barna Pet (M2884)
1970 Shane Grey (S521) Pollnaclough Grey (M1518)
1973 Diamonds Dandy (S639) Glenlo Biddy (M3885)
1974 Carna Gold (S640) Carrabawn Colleen (M4947)


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