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In Ireland, Mac Dara's home country, the outstanding number of
264 ponies are registered in the Connemara Pony Stud Book:
33 in the Stallion, 196 in the Mare and 35 in the Gelding Section.
The following list includes Mac Dara's stallion progeny,
according to the Connemara Pony Stud Book of Ireland.
Other stud books are not considered.
foaled by Mac Dara out of
1955 Gael Linn (S103) Cloon Bay (M1565)
1956 Marconi (S107) Wireless Wave (M477)
1958 Errislannon Coltsfoot (S115) Drimeen Dun (M1449)
1960 Atlantic Storm (S139) Flash Girl (M1771)
1960 Lambay Rebel (S131) Moonshine (M1919)
1960 MacNamara (S175) Nora (M682)
1961 Glencastle Fort (S132) Leam Grey (M1573)
1961 Pride of Ganty (S138) Cam an Ime (M1981)
1961 Thos. of Oakleigh (S176) Oldtown Grey (M2088)
1962 Glenarde (S149) Ballinahown Grey (M1886)
1962 Mac Mawgan (S148) Cam an Ime (M1981)
1962 Slieve Dara (S146) Slieveaniarainn Lass (M1605)
1963 Bantry Oak (S168) Breedog (M2050)
1964 Renvyle Mac (S203) Hectic Rush (M2139)
1964 Shining Spanner (S195) Dancing Spanner (M1750)
1965 Murrisk (S217) Grey Girl (M2021)
1966 Atlantic Sentinel (S239) Calla Brown (M922)
1966 Clonbur Prince (S282) Leam Grey (M1573)
1966 Dunmacreena (S270) Winnie III (M1341)
1967 Atlantic Hero (S339) Ballyconeely Pier (M1694)
1967 Jimmy's Gold Leaf (S410) Erris Castle (M3143)
1968 Golden Flash (S390) Knockadav Bay (M1155)
1968 Jolly Roger (S397) Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd (M1913)
1968 Killakee Miller (S346) Kilbricken Pride (M1820)
1969 Autumn Gold (S418) Frosty Winter (M2346)
1969 Shindilla (S505) Sweet Maree (M2342)
1969 Traigh Bhuidhe (S411) Free Trade (M2534)
1969 Tubber Tim (S435) Truska Rose Star (M1558)
1970 Sadara (S530) Moonlight Serenade (M2251)
1972 Ardnasillagh Magnus (S547) Blondie (M3120)
1972 Rodney (S588) Eileen Shrue (M1638)
1975 Crochaun Dara (S683) Alnabrone Colleen (M2321)
1975 Ormond Oliver (S653) Ashfield Judy (M5505)


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