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Carna Bobby's progeny is sprayed all over the world.
In Ireland, his home country, the outstanding number of
305 ponys are registered in the Connemara Pony Stud Book:
47 in the Stallion, 231 in the Mare and 27 in the Gelding Section.
The following list includes Carna Bobby's stallion progeny,
according to the Connemara Pony Stud Book of Ireland.
Other stud books are not considered.
foaled by Carna Bobby out of
1950 Texas Pride (S92) Maheree (M265)
1957 Paddy's Heaven (S137) Irene 2nd (M1710)
1958 Carna Chieftain (S114) Oorid Colleen (M1759)
1958 Island King (S122) Doon Lass (M1311)
1961 Cree Silver Cloud (S153) Poll (M1828)
1961 Moycullen Bobby (S154) Lor Blue Belle (M1712)
1961 The Admiral (S201) Cashel Kate (M2030)
1962 Heather Legend (S156) Lucky Lady (M1139)
1966 Ardilaun (S261) Ganty Jane (M2300)
1966 Ballydonagh Bobby (S242) Glen Fanny (M2266)
1967 Ashgrove Alfie (S367) Ashgrove Dun (M2698)
1967 Ballydonagh Rob (S321) Cashel Kate (M2030)
1967 Inch Bob (S326) Inch Bridge (M2972)
1967 Killyreagh Kim (S308) Ballydonagh Kate (M2798)
1967 Lambay Bobby (S299) Ganty Jane (M2300)
1967 Leam Bobby Fin (S297) Finola of Leam (M3036)
1968 Bloomfield Bobby (S362) Glentrasna Brown (M1975)
1968 Coosheen Finn (S381) Finola of Leam (M3036)
1968 Sticky (S377) Cashel Kate (M2030)
1969 Abbeyleix Buzzard (S404) Glasderrymore Grey (M2340)
1969 Cormac (S407) Kiltulla Bay (M3523)
1969 Gurtyneil Guardsman (S417) Cloonena Lass (M2983)
1969 Rory (S424) Calico (M4176)
1969 Windy Cove Ranger (S493) Windy Cove (M2870)
1970 Ashfield Bobby Sparrow (S444) Wise Sparrow (M2270)
1970 Ganty Jeff (S467) Ganty Judy (M3192)
1970 Glenree Bobby (S480) Inish Biggle (M3564)
1970 Jet Propelled (S488) Silver Lining (M3292)
1970 Lord Harry (S462) Blue Moon (M2542)
1971 Abbeyleix Apollo (S498) Blue Moon (M2542)
1971 Abbeyleix Robbie (S497) Abbeyleix Molly (M2823)
1971 Ashfield Gealbhan (S506) Wise Sparrow (M2270)
1971 Cove Commander (S499) Windy Cove (M2870)
1971 Glenina Robert (S540) Rose of Ardaun (M4119)
1972 Bobby Martin (S617) Jolly Me (M4415)
1972 Tulira Bobby (S562) Tulira Mavourneen (M3026)
1973 Ashfield Sparrow (S583) Wise Sparrow (M2270)
1973 Coolfin Bobby (S610) Moy Harvest Time (M3481)
1973 Corbally Con (S613) Mullaghbeg (M4558)
1973 Coshla Bobby (S611) Oranmore Victory (M4580)
1973 Grange Bobbing Sparrow (S623) Dun Sparrow (M3025)
1973 Inish Apache (S638) Inish-Sliar (M3198)
1974 Abbeyleix Bobby (S650) Lisdeligna Carmel (M3784)
1974 Ballinaboy Ben (S648) Evening Joy (M2754)
1974 Carragh Bobby (S646) Nansin Aluinn (M3087)
1974 Crockaun Robert (S635) Windy Dun (M1803)
1974 Tanatallon Bobby (S626) Breath of Spring (M3137)


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