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Great Performers (I): Garryhack Bobby


by Sonja Fritschi




  Generally it is known that Connemara ponies are excellent jumpers. On their pastures no wall or fence is high enough no ditch wide enough to keep them away from the more grassy land on the other side. Since about 1930 Connemaras caught the attention of the world by their most successful appearance on international jumping events.  One of the most remarkable ponies of the last few years is the gelding GARRYHACK BOBBY. In his youth he was one of the best showjumping ponies in Europe. Breeded in Ireland, he won five international contests with Carol and Corina Sorg.

  When Carole, the older of the two sisters was about twelve years old, her parents were looking for a good jumper for her. Friends of the family considered at that time buying a Connemara in Ireland. As they could not make up their mind whether to by the pony or not. Sorg's went to Wexford and Carole tried the pony. Although it was not an easy ride, she liked eight year old Bobby well and so he was moved to Sorg's stable in Switzerland.  First Carole schooled him in dressage in order to make him easier to handle. He did quite well but he always preferred jumping by far. After one and a a half year Carole and Bobby were fit for any contests. From then on they were serious favourites wherever they entered. 

Garryhack Bobby

   Corina, the younger of the sisters, started jumping on Bobby as well and took over when Carole finally had to change to big horses because of her age. The two of them celebrated many more victories as the list shows.
  1994   1st   GP   Diest (Bel)
    1st   SM   Interlaken (Sui)
    14th   EM   Hasselt (Bel)
  1996   5th   GP   De Wijk (Ned)
    3th   GP   Fiuggi (Ita)
    1st   GP   Predazzo (Ita)
    1st   SM   Lyss (Sui)
    4th   EM   Danmark (team)
  1997   1st   GP   Aix-en-Provence (Fra)
    2nd   GP   Fiuggi (Ita)
    4th   SM   Yverdon (Sui)
    1st   GP   Liège (Fra)
  1998   2nd   GP   Valbonne (Fra)
    2nd   SM   Wallisellen (Sui)
    1st   GP   Liège (Fra)
    3th   GP   Welkenread (Bel)
Three times winner of the swiss annual trophy
   Corina told me that Garryhack Bobby is very ambitious and has a sixth sense for the real important moments. He is also quite dominant and independent and has the ability to judge an obstacle on his own. This of course was good for the girls as they were still young and not so experienced in order that they could learn from him. He corrected little mistakes of his riders himself. But as the girls grew older it made it harder for them to change to big horses as thy usually are quite different.

   One of Bobby's characteristics: he is really greedy as the following episode illustrates. One winter Sorg's spent their holidays together with their horses  in the mountains at the border of a lake. The lake was already frozen but some spots were not yet solid enough to carry a horse. One morning during stablework Bobby walked out of his stable, jumped a snowwall  and run straight out onto the lake. The family called after him and as it did not help, they took his favourite mare out of the stable but he did not bother and continued running around. The anxious owners feared that the ice would break and the pony might drawn in the cold water. Carole hurried back to the stable and came back with a bucket of oats. She called him, shook the bucket and when he heard the familiar sound he immediately turned around and run straight to Carole.

   Now, at the age of sixteen, Garryhack Bobby is still jumping in a lower class with a young girl, giving him the possibility to do what he likes most: showjumping. 

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