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Great Historic Stallions (V): Clonkeehan Auratum

by Pat Lyne

  Clonkeehan Auratum's registration in the Connemara Pony Breeders Pedigree
stud book was undertaken with caution and he was subsequently always Progeny
regarded in some quarters with suspicion and lack of confidence.
His sire, the Arab pony Naseel. was very popular in the riding pony world
and his dam Western Lily had a sound Connemara pedigree. This suggests he
was a wise choice when the Society decided to introduce an Arab Cross stallion.
Auratum was always high spirited and not as easy to handle as the native pony
sires or indeed as the thoroughbred Cross, Carna Dun.
  He was given only eight seasons in Connemara and the remainder of his long life
  was spent at Ardrahan with Tom Whelan.
Clonkeehan Auratum
Clonkeehan Auratum with Tom Whelan
  Clonkeehan Auratum was certainly a popular sire with those breeders who were
looking to breed quality and a winner in the show ring and he sired many promising
youngstock in his early years. In some cases the Arab influence was too apparent
for the purist. Occasionally this was more visible in the second and third generation
ponies. Arab blood is not easily diluted. Auratum had nineteen sons registered but
only one made a substantial contribution to the breed in Connemara and this was
Clonjoy. Auratum's many good daughters have been appreciated around the world.
Muffy, Ocean Melody, Wise Cuckoo and Solitude at home in Ireland; Oakleigh Nell
  and Fudge IVth in England; Flash Princess in Germany and Jealous Lady in Sweden.
  The breed would undoubtedly have been the poorer without Auratum and many
breeders have good reason to appreciate his place in the history of the breed. He won
the stallion class at Clifden in 1959 and 1961. He always gave the appearance of
a proud pony with his high head carriage and full generous eye.

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