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Great Historic Stallions (IV): Rebel Wind

by Pat Lyne

  Rebel Wind's contribution to the breed between 1963 - 1978 can Pedigree
not be over estimated. He was a small pony, no more than 13 hands Progeny
2 inches but he displayed the breeds best native characteristics and Descendants
his fertility was never in doubt. While he may not have been highly
considered in the show ring his value was in the consistency of his progeny, many
of whom proved themselves both as reliable breeding stock and as winners in the
Clifden ring. In her heyday his dam, Windy, was one of Connemara's "Queens" and
his sire Inver Rebel was a hardy individual whose strength and bone was passed on
to his son. Theirs was a great partnership from which many breeders have benefited 
over the years.
Rebel Wind
Rebel Wind in 1963 as a three year old
outside Clifden's engine shed, now the Station House Museum
  Thirty-five of Rebel Wind's sons were registered as stallions and many of them
gave good service both in Ireland and overseas. Those best remembered are un-
doubtedly Marble and Murphy Rebel. The former left his mark in his homeland 
before making a subtantial contribution to the breed in Denmark. Murphy Rebel
is still alive and is favoured by breeders who are anxious to breed true to type.
Dangan Dun is a further son who will not be easily forgotten in the Galway region
where he spent his entire life. It was he who sired Atlantic Cliff who in turn provi-
ded the breed with Mervyn Kingsmill who became a very popular sire in the 1980s.
  Rebel Wind's list of daughters, all two hundred and seventy two of them, contains
many household names, at least five of whom Homeward Bound, Trixie, Lehid
Wild Wind, Breath of Wind and Gay Belinda, founded or substained good female
families who continue to breed in the heart of Connemara today.

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