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Great Historic Stallions (III): Carna Dun

by Pat Lyne

  Carna Dun's influence on the Connemara pony breed was a profound Pedigree
and lasting one. He was the only sire by the small thoroughbred Little Progeny
Heaven to be registered and his acceptance for the stud book proved to Descendants
be a wise one. He was on the Society stallion list from 1951 until 1966
but he remained in the district and available to mare owners for a further seven years.
  In the 1960's the Clifden show ring winners were dominated by his progeny and
for this reason he became a very popular sire. He endowed his young stock with the
extra quality, freedom of action and presence, which was required as the breed
moved on from the traditional work pony to the all purpose popular riding pony of
the 70's and 80's.
Carna Dun
  Carna Dun was valued more for the quality of his daughters than that of his sons.
Many of the former were prolific brood mares who founded dynasty''s of great worth.
I would hardly be writing this tribute were it not for one of them, Arctic Moon, who
I bought in 1964 and who was the foundation mare of my stud.
  In all thwo hundred and sixteen daughters were registered and thirty four sons.
At least fourteen of the latter made useful contributions to the breed in Ireland and
overseas. Doon Paddy was the one chosen by the Irish Society to keep the line going
and Kilgreaney Lad was another  to remain in Ireland. Little Joe was a legend in his
lifetime in Co. Mayo, but none of Carna Dun's sons were as good as their sire. Of his
many excellent daughters Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd, Flash Girl und Dun Sparrow
were three who will always be remembered.
  Carna Dun's sire Little Heaven was renowned as a sire of progeny with exeptional
jumping talent. This was also reflected in Carna Dun's progeny and many of them
became very useful performance ponies. Carna Dun himself was a hardy, tough pony
who, in spite of his thoroughbred blood, lived the same life as the pure bred
Connemara pony sires. This hardiness he passed onto his progeny, together with his
kind and generous temperament.

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