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Great Historic Stallions (I): Carna Bobby
Carna Bobby, one of the most renowned Connemara Ponies, was born in Registration
1946. As a foal he was bought by the Connemara Pony Breeders' Society Pedigree
at the Maam fair.He remained with the Society for the next sixteen years. Progeny
Then in 1962 Bobby was bought by Mr. Paddy Lally of Gort, Co. Galway,
and remained with him until 1974 when Bobby died.
Carna Bobby
  Carna Bobby and Paddy Lally pictured around 1965 in Clifden  
During his long lifetime Bobby became recognised as one of the great stallions of the
Connemara Pony breed.This is testified to by the number of championship awards
he won and by the widespread demand for his services for breeding. Between the
years 1949 and 1957 Bobby won the stallion class five times at the Clifden Connemara
Pony Show (Irelands premier pony show).
The demand for his services for breeding is illustrated by the numbers of mares he
covered. Between the years 1966 and 1973 he covered the massive total of 865
mares, peaking at 163 coverings in 1969. On many days there were long queues of
mares, of various breeds, from all over the country, awaiting insemination by Bobby.
The service fee of only 5 remained constant during all these years.
Bobby's progeny from all his manly efforts was also impressive. In the Connemara
Pony Stud Book a total of 305 descendants, including 47 stallions, are registered.
A further large number of his progeny were exported and registered in other stud
books. The impressive number of 47 stallions (for details refer to the Progeny List)
is an unbeaten record. His nearest challengers for the record are Carna Dun (S89)
and Mac Dara (S91) with 34 and 33 stallions respectively.
Carna Bobby was placid and easy to handle but insisted on his dinner being served
on time. If his bucket was late he would jump one of the stone walls surrounding
his field and trot down a narrow country road towards Mr. Lally's house. One
further jump over the gardens gate brought him to the front door where he knocked
and demanded his daily rations.
Few stallions have stamped their authority on the breed as Carna Bobby has, both
in the number and in the quality of his sons and daughters, many of whom became
champions both at home and abroad.
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