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The Connemara-Pony in Germany

by Beatrice Milleder

Outstanding ponies
  It is very difficult to choose some ponies here because I found so many outstanding
Connemaras since the time I first met the breed. But some are more then only privately
outstanding. I will begin with the mares because I think they have the most important
part in the breeding of Connemara ponies. Surely I have to mention Clifden Maisie
by Ben Lettery, who came from Ireland to Bavaria and produced in Mary one of the
outstanding brood mares in Germany. Mary (whose father Golden Dan is by Ben
Lettery to) is one of these pearls who seem never to produce a bad foal - we say you
could use a goat on her and she would bring a winner again. Maybe the inbreeding on
Ben Lettery is one cause for her quality.
  Another mare who catched my eye is Flash Princess, a bay mare, nothing special,
but she brought lots of winners in hand and under saddle. She is by Clonkeehan
Auratum out of Flash Girl who was a well known pony herself in Ireland.
  Golden Harvest maybe has the most successful collection daughters, about 10 of
them and all regular price winners. Golden Harvest is by Mervyn Storm and came
1970 from Lambay Island. She was imported by Mrs. Elisabeth v. St. Paul, who first
founded the Connemara-Pony-Interessengemeinschaft. She sadly died of cancer in 1974.
  At the moment we have two hand full of mares which rule the show rings theirselves
or through their children. There is on the first Coosheen Nutmeg, twice Clifden
Champion, she and her offspring you will always find in the finals. There is a Carna
Bobby-daughter (one of the last), Ganty Jane II, Mervyn Wintersport, one of the
rare daughters of Strongbow. Moy More, a very small mare by Paddy's Heaven,
Fortuna, a daughter of the first mentioned Flash Girl, Lovelly Bellis, another one by
Golden Dan. And more of them. The last I want to mention is Scraugh Colleen by
Joyful Boy. Not outstanding herself and because of her colour, chestnut, often neglected,
she brought more than one winner in the showing throughout the last ten years.
  Flashy Lad is the first stallion I mention, because he had so much influence on the
breed. He is a full brother to Flash Girl and his sons Flaneur (out of Golden Harvest),
Flagrant and Franco carry on his line.
  Golden Dan has maybe the most offspring in Germany. He is by Ben Lettery out
of Ballydonnellan Grey. A very true Connemara  with all the good qualities of the
breed. He showed them himself under saddle and between the shafts and also his
children are of his kind. Because of an accident he sadly is no more able to produce
foals but he is still well being now 27 years of age. His sons are Granger, Golden
Gori, Gordon, Ginster, Golden Rock, Golden Daniel, Golden Dandy, Lonely Twin
Golden Dawn and Glaskopf Golden Merlin. Most of them were or are very good sires
  Tulira Nimble Dick (Tulira Mairtin x Noreen Grey) is another outstanding pony. He
was a great cross country pony and his children you still find on the scene. He lives
in a kind of matrimony with Coosheen Nutmeg and with her he produced a very fine
son in Trooper. And I should not forget Carrabaun Boy who once was a Clifden
winner and came to late honour through his very successful son Caraway (out of
Canrower Jaqueline). With the English bred stallion Chiltern Thunderburst and the
Irish bred Grange Surf Sparrow we now have also progeny of Thunderbolt in
Germany. New Emporer and Grey Rock Bonner are sons of the very successful
Mervyn Kingsmill - all these stallions came to Germany just recently and are quite
young which is encouraging for the future.
  This is only a short flash on the German Connemara Scene but to mention all suc-
cessful ponies would need to much space.
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